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Unique Embroidery Designs By Sherry Titzer

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Thanks, Sherry

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SEE MY NEWER PRODUCTS HERE:  http://atimetostitch.weebly.com/
I've had issues publishing new updates so I use Weebly as a back up site as needed until issues have been resolved.

Orders sent via EMAIL after 4:30 p.m. weekdays and/or within 24 hours.
All orders are sent via EMAIL within 24 hours.  Some ISP providers (AOL) use spam filters to block attachments but they do not send a
"returned mail" notice to inform me when an order has not been received.  Some ISP providers also block emails with zipped attachments
 or use spam filter or blockers.  Check with your ISP to see if they are using any sort of blocking service on your email account.  
If you have not received your order within 24 hours please contact:  satitzer@twc.com
Thanks so much, Sherry

Me and my favorite fan, my husband, Alan

My name is Sherry Titzer and we reside in Evansville, Indiana.  I use a Pfaff Performance 5.0 sewing machine and the PR1000e embroidery machine.   
I have been digitizing embroidery designs since 1999.  I enjoy creating my own artwork for digitizing unique designs and patterns. 
For the past 12 years all of my designs have been manually digitized in the Bernina Artista Designer Plus software.  Love that program!!

By Purchasing Designs Listed under A Time To Stitch
You Are Agreeing To Abide By The Copyright Laws Which Protect Them.
Due to the nature of this business, electronic design files are not usually refundable. 
However, If there is a problem with your purchase contact satitzer@twc.com  
for review and if the problem cannot be resolved a refund will be issued.
Make sure that you choose the correct machine format when ordering.  (We do not issued refunds for CD's.  Simply return CD and it will be replaced if found to be corrupt.)
You must have permission to use my designs, purchased or free, in any classes, groups, guilds, etc.  Each class member must purchase the class designs from my website. 
Instructors are not allowed to share, copy, duplicate or in any manner transfer or distribute any of my designs.  

All designs sold by A TIME TO STITCH are copyrighted and protected by law.  
By purchasing these designs you are agreeing to the terms of this copyright. 
The original purchaser has permission to use the designs for personal items, gifts, and items for sale.  
The artwork, photos, and digitized designs remain the property of the A Time to Stitch.
You are not allowed to copy, transfer, give away or sell any part of the designs, photos or 
artwork without written permission from A TIME TO STITCH.

A Time to Stitch does NOT collect or share our customer information with anyone!

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