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Goods and services provided by A Time To Stitch (IN, USA).
Sold by Inc. (Ohio, USA).
To order by CREDIT CARD - use the Buy Now link.
All orders will be emailed within 24 hours.
Please note:  I still work full time weekdays.
Orders will be processed after 4:30 p.m. on week days.

Machine Format

Instructions: Choose your machine format first, then click on the purchase button.
IN COMMENTS: Be sure to include the name of the design(s) you ordered!
Or, go to my order form page, print & mail your order.
All designs are on this page are copyrighted and may not be duplicated or changed.
You may, however, use these designs for personal use, gifts, or items for resale.
You may not include these designs or the graphics of the designs in any collection 
for sale or distribution.

Formats: art, dst, hus, jef, pcs, pes & vip
For pcs format, please check design size before ordering.
Click on images for a larger view!

MothersDay4x4.JPG (62149 bytes)

Mother's Day 4x4  $8
Fits 4x4 Hoops!
3.9"W x 3.9"H - 9,671 stitches

MothersDay5x7.JPG (53821 bytes)
Mother's Day 5x7  $10
Fits 5x7 or larger hoops
4.5"H x 6.72"W - 13,027 stitches

Both Mother's Day
Designs $15
(save $3)

Pumpkins4x4.jpg (35712 bytes)
4x4 Pumpkins  $5
Fits 4x4 hoops!
 3.37"W x 3.22"H 
Buy Now
Pumpkinsoval.jpg (69253 bytes)
Pumpkins Oval  $8
For 5x7+ hoops
4.3"H x 6.3"W
Buy Now
Pumpkin_Witch.jpg (68717 bytes)
Pumpkin Witch  $8
Fits 4x4 hoops!
(lettering not included)
3.8"W x 3.9"H
Buy Now
HeartTreeSingle.jpg (43708 bytes)
Heart Tree Single $8
Fits 4x4 hoops!
3.92" x 3.92"
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Berry_Tree.jpg (31611 bytes)
Berry Tree Single $6
Fits 4x4 hoops!
3.92" x 3.92"
Buy Now
WillowTree.jpg (29183 bytes)
Willow Tree Single $6
Fits 4x4 hoops!
3.92" x 3.5"
Buy Now
LaceyBearSingle.jpg (22054 bytes)
Lacey Bear Single $8
(Appliqué design)
For 5x7+ hoops
4.23"W x 5.46"H
Buy Now
CountryBearSingle.jpg (48047 bytes)
Country Bear Single $8
(Appliqué design)
For 5x7+ hoops
4.89"W x 5.04"H
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Merry Snowman.jpg (59399 bytes)
Merry Snowman Appliqué  $7
4.9H x 4.9W

Buy Now

Click on thumbnail to see larger view!
TeapotSingle.jpg (77886 bytes)TeaCupnTeaTime.jpg (62608 bytes)
Tea Time Set  $16
(3 Designs)

Teapot 4.89"W x 5.8"H
Teacup 3.6"W x 3.6"H
Tea Time  3.6"W x 2.65"H
Too big for pcs hoops or 4x4 hoops
Buy Now
The Tea Time Set is shown in two 
color schemes so you can see 
how it looks using different 
colors in the design!
Racing Set.jpg (35329 bytes)
Racing Set  $10
(3 Designs)

Race Car  3.50"W x 1.28"H
Flags&Car  3.79"W x 2.79"H 
Racing Fan  3.8"W x 2.9"H
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SailboatSingle.jpg (57069 bytes)
Sailboat $8
Perfect for towels to match the clock!!
(Too big for 4x4 hoop)
Buy Now


MoonnStarsSingle.jpg (25438 bytes)
Moon/Stars $8
Perfect for a baby blanket match the clock!!
Size: 4.7"H x 4.6"W
(Too big for 4x4 hoop)
Buy Now

JustTheCow.jpg (49747 bytes)
Just The Cow $8
Perfect for towels or on an apron to match the clock!!
Size: 4.15"W x 4.44"H
(Too big for 4x4 hoop)
Buy Now

BabySampler6X8.jpg (48989 bytes)
Baby Sampler 6"X8"
1 hooping - $7

Note: Does not fit 5X7.hoops
7.7"W x 5.7"H
14,923 stitches

Buy Now

BabySamplerlg2.jpg (61935 bytes)
Baby Sampler 8"X11.5"
2 Hoopings - $10

Note: Does not fit 5X7.hoops
7.9"H x 11.5"W
22,331 stitches
Buy Now

Buy both Sampler designs for $15 & save $2
Buy Now

Hen_RoosterSingles.jpg (24587 bytes)
Hen/Rooster Singles $8
Perfect for towels to match the clock!!
Hen 4"H x 3.6"W
Rooster 4.6"H x 4.6"W
(Too big for 4x4 hoop)
Buy Now

Single Rose.jpg (71377 bytes)
Single Rose $5
(matches the Rose Clock)
3.35"W x 4.04" H
11,470 stitches
Buy Now

LightHouse Clock.jpg (36950 bytes)
Light House Picture $12
Note: See Clocks page for dimensions & details.
Buy Now

Bird Houses.jpg (21094 bytes)

Bird Houses  $7
(2 sizes included)
4.7"H x 4.4"W
Small 4.2"H x 3.9"W
Buy Now
  The Light House picture has an added fill under the center of the compass to fill in where the clocks works would have gone so it can now be stitched and framed as a picture instead of a clock.  

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